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Newsletter (in English)

Tasks of Marxists

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Revolutionary Marxists outside Cuba have several fundamental tasks. We must defend the gains of the Cuban revolution against imperialism, particularly opposing the criminal US blockade of the island. At the same time, we must defend these gains against the plans of the ruling bureaucracy itself when it tries to take further steps towards capitalism. For this, we must strengthen the only conceivable social base of a second Cuban Revolution, an independent workers’ movement on the island.

We cannot fall for the hypocritical imperialist discourse about human rights by supporting pro-capitalist “dissidents” who are already amply supported by the CIA. However, we should leave no doubt that the repressive measures now employed against the pro-capitalist opposition, can, when the process of restoration is far more advanced, also be used against workers in defense of their rights. Therefore, we call for tribunals made up of workers and peasants to examine the cases of all political prisoners. We recognize the fundamental right of a workers’ state to defend itself against imperialist agents. However, working people must judge if all imprisoned dissidents really had connections to foreign secret services and represent a danger. These tribunals must also inspect the connections between leading functionaries and imperialist corporations, in order to put a brake on the rampant corruption.

In conclusion, our defense of Cuba is not under the slogan “For the Fatherland! For Castro!” Instead, we say “For socialism! For world revolution! Against the ruling bureaucracy!”[54]

Revolutionary Internationalist Organization (RIO), October 23, 2010


54. “[Our] ‘defense of the USSR’ will naturally differ, as heaven does from earth, from the official defense which is now being conducted under the slogan: ‘For the Fatherland! For Stalin!’ Our defense of the USSR is carried on under the slogan: ‘For Socialism! For the world revolution! Against Stalin!’” Leon Trotsky: “The USSR in War”.


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