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Solidarity with Ebs!

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An antimilitarist from Munich is being persecuted by the justice system

While Germany is arming itself and participating in more and more wars, the ruling class wants to have a peaceful hinterland. The increasing xenophobia and the growing Nazi movement are a product of Germany’s imperialist policies.

For this reason, we have to unite the struggles against racism, fascism and war. The activist “Ebs” from Munich has been struggling for years against the prevailing conditions in Germany. Now the German justice system is trying to convict him because a war monger feels threatened by Ebs.

In fact, we are all threatened by German militarism. We accuse the German corporations and their state apparatus for waging wars around the world. In this sense we demand the immediate end of the proceedings against Ebs and other political activists.

  • Solidarity with Ebs and other persecuted antimilitarists!
  • Hoch die internationale Solidarität! (Long live international solidarity!)

Revolutionary Internationalist Organisation (RIO) – Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic
Marxist Revolutionaries – Turkey

Other solidarity calls can be found here.

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    This statement has been mirrored by Permanent Revolution:

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