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Newsletter (in English)


Statement of REVO Prague on the appeal of four comrades of REVO Australia against the decision of International Delegate Conference to remove REVO Australia as a section and to relieve its members of rights and duties of REVOLUTION members:

In the opinion of Prague branch no sufficient and relevant reasons were given which would justify the above mentioned decision of the conference.

1. The decision of the conference wasn’t made after a sufficient general discussion and furthermore neither all delegates at the conference nor all members of REVOLUTION generally were familiarized with the materials which was used by majority as the base for the decision.
2. The decision of the conference wasn’t made after a sufficient discussion with members of REVO Australia (or if applicable with a leadership of this section).
3. The decision of the conference contains clearly nonsense and absurd statements (e.g. that REVO Australia doesn’t exist), which lack elementary signs of credibility and meaningfulness.
4. The decision of the conference completely ignores several years long, very well-known and very well recorded activities of our Australian comrades for a benefit of REVO and in the ranks of REVO. On the contrary, the decision comes without any previous critique against the activities of REVO Australia.

REVO Prague therefore joins the appeal of four Australian comrades and calls on RIC to change the decision of REVOLUTION Conference e.g. calls for a restoration of all rights and duties of REVOLUTION members for individual members of REVO Australia and for restoration of the REVO Australia section as a section with all rights and duties. If there remain any doubts about REVO Australia in the RIC, there can be three months long detailed monitoring of REVO Australia section, but this doesn’t change anything on re-establishing of this section as a section with all rights already before this monitoring would start.

This decision was adopt by 5 votes (1 via e-mail vote) and 1 indicative vote against 2. The supporters by name are: A., N., R., S., T. + M. 16.08.2006

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