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We exist!

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| Categories: Struggle for independence

We, the undersigned members of Revolution Australia, are writing to the RIC, and to Revolution members, to urge them to reject the decision of the Revolution International Delegates meeting, hosted in Prague, July 2006. The resolution that was adopted, sadly, rejected Revolution Australias right to be a section of Revolution; and somewhat cynically, suggested that individual members might want to sign up as sympathisers – supporters who do not have the rights, nor responsibilities of membership of Revolution.

Since the inception of this Revo group in 2003, we have consistently built campaigns, held meetings, actions, and events, and have participated in every level of Revolution; locally and internationally. While we could never call ourselves a large, or even a particularly vibrant group, we believe we have loyally fulfilled the duties of membership in Revolution for these past three years, and have had every intention of continuing our work into the future – as part of Revolution; a revolutionary organisation whose program we not only support, but promote and participate in. We have even had a strong hand in International work, in helping build and offering ongoing assistance to the Revolution Indonesia group – including hosting members of Revo Indonesia 2 years in a row at our annual Revocamp, and sending a delegate to their 2005 Revocamp.

The truth of the matter is that yes, our organisation is in fact small. But we have worked consistently to build it, and as a result, have recruited two people in the last year, Shane, who is still with us, and Christian, who remained an active member until he moved off mainland Australia. We have involved ourselves in the Campaign for Womens Reproductive Rights, and have consistently built this campaign for several years now. We have mobilised comparatively large numbers of people to snap demonstrations against the Right to Life, and until recently, we have consistently had a paper coming out of the group. Earlier in the year, we held an aggregate to make some decisions on how to progress as Revolution, and have prioritised anti fascist work, and will be printing a theoretical pamphlet on Revolution and the Rise of the Right in Australia; particularly in response to the race riots in Sydney late last year, and the resulting increase of right wing ideology in Australia.

Does this sound like the activity of a group that ‘doesn’t exist’? If the incoming RIC really believe this is true, then there must be many sections of Revolution who do not fit the criteria as well. Sweden & Swiss revo both have sections which appear to be in a similar state, and Indonesia, whilst having had an excellent period of growth, raises some concerns in activity and membership. To us, this decision by conference appears to be nothing more than an external extension of the factionalising in the LFI, that recently led to the expulsion of a large number of LFI members. The conference has offered us the ‘opportunity’ to become sympathisers of Revolution, if we could ‘prove’ that we are willing to build such an organisation, but we are not willing to become sympathisers of a group that takes this sort of unjust action against its membership.

We, the undersigned, call on the membership of Revolution, and the incoming RIC, to overturn this decision of the Revolution Delegates Conference of Prague 2006, and reinstate Revolution Australia as a section, will all rights and responsibilities afforded, including the right to delegate a member from Australia to the incoming RIC.

Revolution Australia (Krus – member since 2003, Michelle – member since 2003, Lachie – member since 2003, Shane – member since Jan 2006), July 25, 2006

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