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Newsletter (in English)


R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N – It’s clear, isn’t it?

January 9 (3-8 pm): Seminar about the Left in Europe
January 9 (from 10pm): Concert with Holger Burner
January 10 (10am): LLL-Demonstration

hosted by

More and more people see clearly that the capitalist system offers no solution to the crisis – that a revolution is necessary. But how do we get there? On the anniversary of the deaths of the revolutionaries Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht and V.I. Lenin the independent youth organization REVOLUTION invites you to the LLL-Weekend:

January 9: Seminar on the Left in Europe

3-5 pm: Discussion about the Left in France
The New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA) in France addresses millions of people with anti-capitalist slogans. But is their program sufficient to overcome capitalism? And what can we learn from the NPA? A discussion following a presentation by Stefan (REVOLUTION)

UPDATE: Besides Stefan, Juan Chingo (Trotskyist Fraction, Paris) will also hold a presentation on the NPA.

6-8 pm: Debate about the Left Party in Germany
The Left Party is already the fourth largest party in the German parliament. But despite their left-wing slogans, the party participates in multiple governments that are anything but left-wing. How should revolutionaries deal with the Left Party? A debate between Jalava (REVOLUTION) and Holger Burner, aka David Schulz (SAV/CWI and the Left Party)

CLARIFICATION: There will be an open debate after the inputs given by Jalava and David!

in the “Blue Salon” in the Mehringhof, Gneisenaustraße 2a, U6/U7 Mehringdamm, Berlin-Kreuzberg – Entrance: Donation – discussions in German with translation into English

January 9: Concert with Holger Burner

From 10 pm: class-struggle rap from Hamburg!

in the Red Island, Mansteinstraße 10, U7/S1/S2 Yorckstraße, Berlin-Schöneberg – Entrance: 2 euros + donation – at 10pm there will be a short presentation by Holger Burner (SAV) and Wladek (REVOLUTION) about the LLL- Demonstration, and then there will be the concert

January 10: LLL-Demonstration

10 am, Frankfurter Tor, Berlin-Friedrichshain

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