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Newsletter (in English)


All non-LFI-members of Revo present at the first day of REVOCAMP 2006 founded an independent tendency in REVOLUTION.

We stand behind the concept and the programme of Revo. But we can’t recognize the structures of Revo which were created at a conference representing one single faction. We can’t accept the expulsion of Revo Australia.

We want to work together with the League for the Fifth International (LFI), as with other groups that share our programme, but on a basis that is honest, open, and eye-to-eye. We recognize the work of LFI members in building up Revo. But their factional work has undermined democracy and is destroying Revo as an international organization.

We will fight to make Revo truly independent, based on the principles of Liebknecht, Lenin, Trotsky, and the LFI itself, at least officially. Because of the LFI leadership’s practice of making all important decisions and documents for Revo (which the LFI faction has tried to deny in the past and even continues to deny) Revo cannot be politically or even organizationally independent.

The first international conference of Revo, in which the LFI-IS imposed new structures, plunged the organization into a crisis. The second conference has imposed structures including only the LFI faction, in which several sections are not represented, and this has deepened the crisis. Revo’s official structures are not recognized by a big part of the organization.

To maintain unity, we need international structures recognized by all. For this we propose a provisional RIC composed of one representative of each section, including the Australian section.

Democratic centralism is the only form of organization for communists. But when democracy is blocked by a majority faction, centralism can only be bureaucratic. We cannot accept a form of “democratic centralism” which means obeying the dictates of the LFI.

To create a united international organization, we need to synthesize the experiences and the political positions of the different sections in a democratic discussion. This is impossible when Revo’s documents are worked out by five older men from the LFI leadership.

Our tendency is necessary as long as a closed majority faction controls the organization. We call on this faction to dissolve itself and for LFI members in Revo to work in an open way.

Capitalism won’t smash itself. Viva iRevo!

Independent REVOLUTION, 31 July 2006

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