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Newsletter (in English)

Revocamp 2009

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Revolutionary perspectives in times of crisis

As in previous years, for the youth organization REVOLUTION the first week of August was filled up by REVOCAMP, an internationalist summer camp for young revolutionaries in Liberec (Czech Republic). This year’s camp was organized jointly by the independent youth organization REVOLUTION and the Revolutionary Socialist Organization (RSO). About 50 participants from the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain and the USA made this camp slightly bigger than last year’s; also, more comrades from groups such as Socialist Workers’ Voice (SAS), Permanent Revolution, and the Left Party youth organization “Linksjugend [‘solid]” were present and a lively political exchange was possible.

The camp focused mainly on two themes: firstly on the analysis of the capitalist crisis and the resulting perspectives for revolutionary forces in Europe and other parts of the world; secondly on discussions about revolutionary perspectives in relation to different international struggles, for example in France, Israel/Palestine, Iran and Cuba. Furthermore, there were workshops on many basic subjects, such as Marxist economic theory, bourgeois democracy and Stalinism.

However, we didn’t only have in-depth discussions but also a number of practical workshops which are important for our day-to-day revolutionary work: holding speeches, writing and de-signing texts, demonstration tactics, self-defense, revolutionary interventions in workplaces, and – not to forget – our traditional simulation game. After we had played out the Spanish revo-lution, the Hungarian revolution and the German revolution of November 1918 in previous years, at this year’s camp we re-enacted the Cuban revolution. The imaginary town of Pueblito close to the Sierra Maestra was the stage of struggles for the hearts and minds of the unorganized workers and peasants by the guerrilla of Fidel Castro, the Stalinist People’s Socialist Party (PSP) and the Trotskyist Revolutionary Workers’ Party (POR). As always, the simulation game was an outstanding opportunity to practice agitation and propaganda in revolutionary situations in order to be able to offer perspectives going beyond the present state of things.

During the morning assemblies every day, we decided upon the daily schedule and talked about potential problems. In the evening, we reflected upon the day’s workshops over a couple of beers. All in all, the camp program was a less crammed than in previous years – which was good for all participants. Wednesday afternoon was free of workshops and was therefore used for trips and also political discussions outside the official program, during which our perspectives for dealing with coming class struggles were the subject of lively debates.

On Saturday, a very intense camp with a lot of fun and new insights ended. Most of all, it showed how important a revolutionary perspective is for struggles in the coming period – espe-cially because of the increasing effects of the economic, energy and climate crises. And thus there is only one thing left to say (despite of all political differences with Commandante Gueva-ra): Hasta la victoria siempre!

Stefan, REVOLUTION Berlin

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