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Newsletter (in English)


On March 25, 2009, six activists from Denmark were convicted of “supporting terrorism”. Their crime? Making and selling t-shirts.

The fashion company FIGHTERS+LOVERS was started back in January 2006: they produced stylish t-shirts – pink and mango in color – with the logos of anti-imperialist organizations like the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). As Ulrik Kohl from the group explained: “We didn’t want typical, trashy political clothes that people only wore because of the message.”

Since the PFLP and the FARC are both on the “terror lists” of the European Union and the United States, the t-shirts were a bold statement of solidarity in the face of repression. Five euros from every t-shirt went to support the work of the PFLP and the FARC. FIGHTERS+LOVERS has since produced more shirts, perfume, aftershave, CDs and watches, as well as organizing political rallies. Now, six activists have been convicted of “supporting terrorism” by the high court of Denmark.

REVOLUTION agrees with FIGHTERS+LOVERS that it is completely legitimate to struggle against the repressive regime in Colombia or the Israeli occupation of Palestine. We support their anti-imperialist solidarity work – with a creativity and style often missing in the radical left – even though our support for the struggles of the PFLP and the FARC is very critical.

These organizations, while progressive and secular, have programs oriented towards a purely “democratic” (and capitalist) solution to the oppression suffered by the working masses in Colombia and Palestine. We are convinced that only an international socialist revolution, rather than a capitalist “democracy” of any kind, can end this oppression. Nonetheless, it is clear that this repression against so-called “terrorists” is directed against the entire left and workers’ movements. As FIGHTERS+LOVERS point out, Danish resistance fighters against the Nazi occupation were also labelled “terrorists”. More recently, the rebelling youth of Greece were denounced for “terrorism”. Therefore, we say:


  • Anti-imperialist struggle is not a crime!

  • Down with the EU terror lists!

REVOLUTION, International Coordination, April 15, 2009

6 Responses to “Resistance isn’t Terrorism! T-Shirts aren’t either!”

  1. al h Says:

    It is inconceiveable to me that such a thing could happen in Denmark. Now, in the U.S. where I live I can see it. If the Denmark government is allowing this, will the war on the Columbian people soon be escalated to a large scale U.S. military invasion?

  2. wladek Says:

    There was a lot of support in Denmark for FIGHTERS+LOVERS. For example, the association of former Danish resistance fighters organized a rally saying that they too had been denounced as “terrorists”.

    However, the “black lists” of so-called terrorist organizations exist throughout the EU.

    The US is currently building new bases in Colombia. I think they will still rely on the Colombian army and paramilitaries rather than fighting directly, though.

  3. Michelle Says:

    Learn to spell Colombia.
    Learn a little about Colombia.
    Stop contributing to violence in Colombia.
    More than 30% of the FARC are children as young as seven years old.

  4. wladek Says:

    We did spell Colombia correctly!

    And more importantly, the people responsible for the violence in Colombia are US imperialists and their Colombian servants who have been plundering the country for 100 years. As the statement says, we are critical of the FARC, but we must recognize the right of the Colombian people to resist the Uribe government.

  5. Mike S Says:

    Actually, it any country in any part of the World, America,Israel,Spain.Colombia,Europe, it IS Terrorism when you deliberately target innocent Civilians,
    Plus those shirts are even worst and more offensive than calling a Black person
    a N I G G E R, the N-word, it is very Inciteful and should be considered a HATE CRIME, and made illegal

  6. Mike S Says:

    Israel always wants Peace at any cost,
    the Arabs and Palestinians DO desire Peace, but they DEFINE it as the Total Destruction of the State of Israel and killing all it’s Jews in cold blood, they desire also to destroy America and the Entire European Continent, and all Non-Muslims, and I’m a Christian Supporter of Israel myself

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