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REVOCAMP • international summer camp for revolutionary young people • August 2-8, 2009 in Liberec (CZ)

“YES WE CAN.” Barack Obama used this slogan to become President of the United States. He used it to promise serious change in the U.S. and around the world: an end to the Iraq War, action against climate change and help for people losing their homes or jobs in the economic crisis.

But now, months after the inauguration of the new President, there is little change in sight. Hundreds of billions of dollars are being pumped into large banks, but at the same time the unemployment figures reach record highs. The date for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq is being pushed back, but at the same time more soldiers are sent to Afghanistan.

More and more people recognize that phenomena like unemployment are not simply the results of a false policy but products of the capitalist system itself. The ruling classes assert that there is no alternative to their bailout packages which are supposed to save the system. So what could an alternative – anticapitalist – policy look like?

At REVOCAMP, an international summer camp for revolutionary youth, young activists from various countries in Europe will meet up for the seventh time in the Czech Republic to discuss this question.

There will be discussions of Marxist theory – topics range from the crisis of capitalism and resistance movements against imperialism to the “left turn” in Latin America – and workshops on revolutionary practice – like how to behave at demonstrations, make a newspaper or hold a speech. Also included in the program are relaxed afternoons at the lake and parties in the evening.

Yes we can fight for revolution!

REVOCAMP • August 2-9, 2009 in Liberec (CZ)
costs around 70 Euros for the week including a room and three meals a day

travel from different cities in Germany, Switzerland and Austria
register under: • program (soon) at:

Slideshow of previous camps:

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