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Newsletter (in English)


The capitalist system is responsible for the crisis, and the capitalists at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos can’t repare it.

For years, the World Economic Forum has taken place in late January in Davos, always accompanied by protests and counter-events, because the self-appointed world leaders assembled in the Grison mountains don’t necessarily meet with approval. But this year, everything is different. At least, that is what the organizers of this unequaled parade of the world elite want us to believe. They tell us that in the last few years, most of the participants were only there to the celebrate at the parties held during the forum, which are well-known in higher circles of society. That means they have bled us for years and spent billions so that a few managers and politicians could celebrate in a hermetically sealed-off Davos!

But this year the situation really is a bit different. The neo-liberalism preached by the capitalists has collapsed miserably. Huge companies slide towards their demise. And all of a sudden, the state is supposed to intervene in the economy and spend billions, paid by workers, to save these failing corporations.

It precisely at this moment that these “Global Leaders”, who are responsible for this crisis and also for the suffering which capitalism produces day after day, are meeting up. Like small children they sit in front of Mommy’s broken vase and wonder about how to cobble the whole thing together again. They try it with phrases which they themselves rejected for years: A social, even humane economic system is now required, they say.

But we cannot accept that! We must cannot allow the destructive mechanisms on which the capitalist system is built to continue to produce suffering and oppression. And precisely because capitalism is based on injustice and exploitation, there can be no social or humane capitalism. The only solution is to overcome it. The economy can only become productive and fair if it is placed under the leadership and planning of the workers. We as young people can contribute to overcoming of capitalism by organizing and fighting to win the working class for this goal. We can put an end to the destructive chaos of the market by forming councils which control the economy and shape it based on human need.

But for this we need to organize internationally – just as the capitalists at the World Economic Forumw. For a revolutionary International! For the social revolution! For communism!

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