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The internationalist summer camp of the youth organization REVOLUTION was bigger than last year

Just like last year – and the year before that – in the summer of 2008, young revolutionaries from different countries made their the way to the Czech Republic, more precisely to Liberec. That was where REVOCAMP, took place. It was organized by the independent youth organisation REVOLUTION and lasted one week. Nearly 50 young people from the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany and Austria were there and participated in many different workshops. Comrades from the revolutionary groups RSO (Revolutionary Socialist Organisation) and SAS (Socialist Workers’ Voice) were also present.

There were practical workshops, such as self-defense and tactics at demonstrations, but also many discussions on political issues. For example, there were introductions to Marxism and Marxist economic theory. We dealt with, among other things, the world hunger crisis, prostitution, Cuba, Iraq, the so-called “question of violence” and the question of how and why the Soviet Union became what it was. A comrade reported on his experiences in Venezuela – first-hand information beyond the imperialist propaganda and uncritical cheerleading – and afterwards there was a discussion about the situation there.

At the end of the camp there was a “simulation game”. In previous years, the Spanish Revolution (1936-39) and the Hungarian Revolution (1956) had been simulated. This time we were able to get a feeling for the German Revolution (1918-19). The players imagined themselves 90 years ago in the fictional small town Pisshausen (something like “Shitville”), somewhere in the German Empire. Representatives of the majority SPD, the independent SPD, the KPD and unorganized workers argued about the revolution. In the simulation games at previous REVOCAMPs, the counterrevolution had always won (just like in real life, by the way), but this time the revolutionary communists could claim victory.

Every morning there was an assembly of the camp participants in problems, the daily routine, etc. were discussed and decided. Tuesday was a free day and thus something special, and was used for a trip to Prague, a swim in the nearby lake or a hike to Mount Lesné. All of the members of REVOLUTION, however, had something else in mind on Tuesday because it was time for the third international conference of the independent youth organisation. The conference lasted all day long, but that turned out to be not long enough, and so the Revos had to meet up again in the following days after lunch and dinner. But neither the very full camp program nor the celebratory mood of the Revos hurt the long conference because everyone recognized that the planning for our political work in the next year was unquestionably very important.

On Saturday afternoon, as the last people started on the road towards home, someone might have wanted to add another week. But the struggle for liberation unfortunately cannot be won with a continuous REVOCAMP. That’s why the internationalist summer camp of REVOLUTION won’t take place again until next summer – and till then there will be continuous political activity for the revolution.

by Jalava, Revo Kiel, August 11, 2008

pictures by Revo Germany and Revo Czech

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