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Newsletter (in English)


The youth organization REVOLUTION in the Czech Republic recently invaded a closed military area in the Brdy mountains. Why? Because an American radar base is planned there.

For more than two years, Revo has been part of a large coalition called “Ne Základnám” (No Bases) which fights against the plans of the Czech and US governments to build a radar base in the woods near Prague. This radar base, together with a missile base in Poland, would be the “Central European pillar of the anti-ballistic missile system”. But the real reason for building these objects is the consolidation of US military dominance – plus it will mean great business for the US weapons manufacturers!

About 70% of the Czech population doesn’t want a US radar base. But the right-wing Czech government nonetheless supports this project of Mr. Bush!

The place where the US base is planned – “Kóta 718” or “summit 718” – is in the Brdy military area. This spot was occupied by Greenpeace activists: At the end of April they got into this area and set up their camp. On June 1, they established their own state called “Peaceland”. But this was the last straw for the Czech government. After this, the military police invaded the Greenpeace “state”, took the activists down from the trees and arrested all of them.

The occupation of this spot was a great idea by Greenpeace! A big media event! During the occupation, a lot of people came to visit the activists, bring them food, etc.

The military area was guarded night and day by the military police and it was hazardous to go on the roads. But on May 31, five activists from Revo took off for “Kóta 718”. We have some photos of this “road trip” which you can see in our photo gallery at

A road runs from a village called Míšov towards the Brdy military area. It’s only half a kilometer, but on this main road there were police patrols, so we had to go on smaller paths. The trip through the woods wasn’t too difficult, but we didn’t have any proper map so we were lost a lot. We reached our destination after 3 hours (as the crow flies it’s only 1.5km!) and we brought the Greenpeace activists some food, had a word with them, took some pictures…

The way back took us about 30 minutes

A week after our visit, the army broke into “Peaceland”. Now there is a razor wire all over the military area and its practically impossible to get in.

At the beginning of July, Condoleezza Rice is coming to the Czech Republic to sign a contract between CZ and USA about the radar base. For this day we are going to organize a massive demonstration in Prague. We want to give her a great welcome: we don’t want any radar bases in the Czech Republic!

Sára, Revo Czech, June 18, 2008

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