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Newsletter (in English)


We of the independent youth organization REVOLUTION express our solidarity with the student in Huddersfield (UK) who was attacked by fascists on May 30. This young woman was thrown to the ground, kicked in the ribs and slashed at with a knife. She was called a “Dirty Red”, a “Filthy Lesbo” and a “Britain-hater”.

She was attacked because she is active against the BNP, a Nazi party, at her university. She is also active in the campaign “Education Not for Sale”, the National Union of Students and the trade union Unison. The fascists targeted her to try to intimidate all left-wing activists.

Fascism means terror against immigrants, the workers’ movement and alternative young people. All these groups need to stand together against the fascist threat – which is growing in Britain and throughout Europe – and organize to defend ourselves against these kind of attacks.

We won’t let this intimidation stop our movement. We continue to struggle for working class self-defense and no platform for fascists in Britain and around the world. We stand in full solidarity with the comrade and wish her strength for the ongoing struggle!

REVOLUTION International Coordination, June 4, 2008

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