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Newsletter (in English)


Revolution is magnificent. Everything else is nonsense.* (Rosa Luxemburg)

– Everything sucks! There’s not nearly enough apprenticeship positions… school is extremely annoying… university – if you even have the chance – is only about money… there’s more and more work for less and less money for some people … for the others there’s the unemployment office… deportations into the states of bloodthirsty dictators… Nazis hunt down “un-German” people… worldwide 24,000 people die of hunger every day and countless more die in wars… add to this smiling faces in the executive suites of the big corporations, who make record profits every year – it sucks!

– Everything? No! In many places, people are resisting: school students in Berlin who strike for a day, young people in the suburbs of France, train drivers and retail workers in Germany who strike for higher wages, illegal trade unions and resistance groups in Iraq – they and many others organize resistance against different problems in one and the same form of society: capitalism.

– Capitalism means that a few own a lot and a lot own a little; that those who hardly have anything have to work for the owners; that the world is nothing more than a gigantic marketplace. Whether wars, catastrophic famines or mass lay-offs – in the end, the rich laugh about cheaper raw materials and labor, better sales prospects, higher prices for their products etc. The rules of the game under capitalism say: if you own capital, you win.

– Always? Not always. Because the capitalist game only works as long as the workers play along. And more and more people are beginning to fight back. For example, the train drivers in Germany: because the train company didn’t want to allow wage increases, despite making a profit of billions, the train drivers refused to work and forced the bosses to make concessions. Of course they are not questioning capitalism as a system, but one thing became clear: real power lies with the workers because they’re the ones that keep everything running.

– 90 years ago the exploited in Russia understood this power and in late 1917 they toppled capitalism in a revolution. One year later, the German workers also tried to deprive the capitalists of their power. The SPD prevented the revolution from succeeding – with propaganda for capitalist “democracy” and with forceful help from the army and the infamous “Freikorps”. Many revolutionaries, like the communists Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, were murdered.

– To commemorate the most important personalities of these two revolutions – Rosa, Karl and also Vladimir I. Lenin – and everyone who struggled together with them against capitalism, we demonstrate every year in Berlin. They cannot be forgotten! Their examples prove: capitalism is not built for eternity – and we are its grave diggers!

– Join the LLL-Demo!

REVOLUTION Germany, December 17, 2007

* the word in German is “Quark”, which means “curds” or “curd cheese” and colloquially “nonsense”. Hence the package of curde cheese (Quark) being crushed.


Join the Luxemburg-Liebknecht-Lenin-Demonstration!
Sunday, January 13, at 10 am, Frankfurter Tor, Berlin

Public Meeting: The Three L’s and the Revolution – Saturday, January 12, at 8 pm; Solidarity party: Punk, Ska, Hiphop and All-Time Communist Classics – at 10 pm; both events are in the Red Island, Mansteinstr. 10, U-Bhf Yorckstraße, Berlin

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