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Newsletter (in English)

Anti-G8 Super Paper

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Presenting… the anti-G8 super paper!

“We hate G8” – not a mere phrase, it’s our programm! This paper is the perfect reading material for all summit-stormers and society-changers. In cooperation with the revolutionary group “Permanent Revolution” from Britain we have worked out the background, the consequences and the perspectives of the struggle against the summit of the mass murderers on 12 fully-colored pages.

With articles on topics like women’s oppression, the climate catastrophy or school strikes, this paper includes everything a revolutionary heart desires. The anti-G8 super paper is the perfect stuff to read on long train rides or in the free time betwwen actions at the G8 summit. All the articles are written in German as well as in English, so you can even use them to improve your German skills!

Fight the G8 summit and capitalism! Read the REVOLUTION super paper!

The contents:

Take the streets against the G8!

I hate G8!

Climate change

Poverty in Africa

Smash Fascism!

Fortress Europe

Women’s rights

No bases!

Revolution – the only solution

Education is everybody’s right!

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