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What are the Perspectives for the Revolution in the Arab Countries?

In the past two months, millions of people in Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Algeria and other Arab countries have gone out onto the streets against dictatorial regimes. These regimes, in power for decades (23 years in the case of Tunisia, 29 years in the case of Egypt), have been shaken. Massive police forces and secret services (180,000 police and spies in the case of Tunisia, 1.8 million in the case of Egypt) were unable to contain the revolt. The Tunisian president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was forced to flee the country on January 14, while the Egyptian president Mubarak had to resign on February 11. »»»»

An alarm signal for the arab autocrats and the imperialists

The impact of the first revolutionary fall of a dictator in the Arab world in this century has reached not only the Maghreb and the Near East, but all the European governments are now extremely worried by the evolution of the situation. The process that led to the fall of Ben Ali goes back a long way. It is the Tunisian expression of an accumulated popular anger, intensified by the effects of the world economic crisis on the semi-colonial periphery against the regimes that arose from processes of winning independence. Decades ago, these regimes ceased to rely on vague nationalist rhetoric or invoking Arab socialism, to go over completely to being the best servants of imperialism and of its neo-liberal, privatizing offensive in recent decades, with everything that implies in terms of destitution and oppression for the subordinate classes. »»»»

After years, the first revolutionary process in an Arabic country is underway. Ben Ali’s Tunisian regime does not know what to do to curb the mobilization of the masses — unleashed because of the rise in prices of basic products — who, after yesterday’s announcements, are demanding his resignation. In Tunisia, a new revolutionary process is taking place, in which the vanguard is not Islamist, a process from below of young college graduates that are unemployed, lawyers, workers from industrial and mining cities, a two-hour general strike called for January 14, among other actions. »»»»