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Second general strike of the year on March 2

Trade unions in Northern Cyprus declared 2011 as the “year of social existence.” The world economic crisis has forced the government in Ankara to carry out neoliberal attacks against the rights of the working class in Northern Cyprus. The first general strike of this year was on January 28. The general strike took on an anti-colonial character: At the strike rally, banners against the Turkish occupation forces were held up. Then the verbal attacks against the people of Northern Cyprus began, both by the Turkish government and by Turkish fascists in Cyprus. On March 2, a second general strike will take place, and we want to analyze this movement from a Marxist point of view in order to develop perspectives. »»»»

On 16th December there will be a worldwide day of action with striking colleagues of the UPS in Istanbul and Izmir. Since 5th May the UPS workers in Turkey are in action and on strike. They fight because they have tried to unionize but were aggressively oppressed and 160 colleagues were layed off for this reason. Poor working conditions and low wages are the causes for their decision to unionize. »»»»

The AKP’s victory in the constitutional referendum in Turkey is no step towards popular rule

The passage of the constitutional reform in Turkey with nearly 60% of the votes in favor is a clear defeat for the faction of the Turkish capitalists who have intensive links to the Turkish military and state apparatus, and especially for this apparatus itself. It has to accept some limitations of its autonomy. »»»»

What is the meaning of the upcoming referendum on constitutional reform in Turkey?

Turkey is mired in crisis. The ruling class of the country is divided: The Kemalist party CHP, which dominates the army and the state bureaucracy, is fighting against the conservative AKP, which controls the government and the majority of parliament. The CHP sees itself as the protector of the principles of the Turkish Republic, founded in 1923 by Mustafa Kemal. The AKP, in contrast, represents a rising bourgeoisie that wants to put the state apparatus in its place. »»»»

In RIO, all decisions are made democratically. We try to discuss until we reach an agreement – but this is of course not always possible. In this case, the position of the organization is determined by a majority vote. In RIO – in contrast to many revolutionary organizations – minorities have the right to publish their arguments, as long as their political work is based on the decided position. On the question of the constitutional reform in Turkey, the majority of RIO decided to call for a critical “yes”, while a small minority argued for a boycott. Since this discussion is going on in the entire radical left of Turkey, we want to briefly present the position of the minority. »»»»

The sixth European Social Forum was dominated by bland NGO politics and obfuscatory Maoism

About 3,000 people participated in the sixth European Social Forum (ESF) in Istanbul. There were 200 seminars about the economic crisis, climate change, students’ protests and many other topics. »»»»

Comrade Meryem Çağ, an active member of the trade union federation of public sector workers KESK, was fired from her job at the Izmir regional customs office in mid-May. The firing of this trade unionist by the Turkish state is obviously politically motivated. »»»»

For a revolutionary solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict!

In the early hours of May 31, Israeli navy commandos boarded the “Freedom Flotilla” of ships carrying aid to Gaza and murdered at least 9 activists. The ships, carrying 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid (including food, medicine and building materials) and 663 activists from 37 countries, were boarded in international waters 64 kilometers off the coast of Israel. »»»»

For solidarity with the struggle of the TEKEL workers and the remembrance of the deceased mine workers!

The head of the Turkish trade union TÜRK IS, Mustafa Kumlu, who has been an obstacle to the struggle of the TEKEL workers from the very beginning and who was thrown out of the central May Day demonstration at the Taksim square in Istanbul by workers, has declared that TÜRK IS will not participate in the general strike (“day of action”) on May 26. »»»»