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Report from the Luxemburg-Liebknecht-Lenin-Weekend of RIO and the FT-CI in Berlin

The bourgeoisies across Europe are imposing austerity programs on the workers and youth, and Germany is no exception. But due to the momentary strength of German imperialism, which was able to bolster its position at the expense of other imperialist powers, and with the active support of the trade union bureaucracy, the struggles against this program have so far been limited. In this framework, it is important for revolutionaries in Germany to learn from the class struggle in other countries. With this objective, 40 people gathered at the international seminar of the Revolutionary Internationalist Organization (RIO) and the Trotskyist Fraction – Fourth International (FT-CI) on January 8 in Berlin. »»»»


Blockades, factory occupations, mass strikes – what can we learn from the class struggle in France?

International Seminar: Saturday, January 8, 2:00-8:00pm
Mehringhof, Gneisenaustr. 2a, U6/U7 Mehringdamm, Berlin »»»»

Report from the Luxemburg-Liebknecht-Lenin-Weekend-2010 of the Revolutionary Internationalist Organization (RIO)

This year’s Luxemburg-Liebknecht-Lenin demonstration on January 10 in Berlin was marked by snowstorms and freezing temperatures. But our “LLL-Weekend”, held on the Saturday before the demonstration, was a surprising success. At the seminar about the left in Europe, just over 50 people – from Berlin, Dresden, Kiel, Rostock, Hamburg, Essen, Saarbrücken, Witten, Zurich, Prague, Liberec and Paris – participated in the discussion, and at the class war hip-hop concert afterwards there were more than 100 people. »»»»

R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N – It’s clear, isn’t it?

January 9 (3-8 pm): Seminar about the Left in Europe
January 9 (from 10pm): Concert with Holger Burner
January 10 (10am): LLL-Demonstration

hosted by

More and more people see clearly that the capitalist system offers no solution to the crisis – that a revolution is necessary. But how do we get there? On the anniversary of the deaths of the revolutionaries Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht and V.I. Lenin the independent youth organization REVOLUTION invites you to the LLL-Weekend: »»»»

A revolution took place here.

What? Here? Next to the supermarket where workers slave away for low wages? In front of the school where more than 30 pupils in each class remain well-behaved for the teacher? Behind the apartment building where Nazis attack people who they see as different?

Red flags waved here? Armed workers marched by this spot and chanted “All power to the councils”? Revolutions take place in Latin America, maybe also in France. But here? »»»»

The BILD is Germany’s biggest right-wing tabloid, well known for its frenzied attacks against immigrants and the left. The day after the Anti-G8 demonstration in Rostock its headline screamed: “Do you want dead, hooligans?” (no one “died” as it happens, afterwards it transpired there were only two “seriously” injured police officers). But on Monday (January 14, 2008), BILD reported that; “more than 10.000 demonstrators from (across) Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria” participated in the demonstration to commemorate the three L’s (Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht and Vladimir Lenin). »»»»

Revolution is magnificent. Everything else is nonsense.* (Rosa Luxemburg)

– Everything sucks! There’s not nearly enough apprenticeship positions… school is extremely annoying… university – if you even have the chance – is only about money… there’s more and more work for less and less money for some people … for the others there’s the unemployment office… deportations into the states of bloodthirsty dictators… Nazis hunt down “un-German” people… worldwide 24,000 people die of hunger every day and countless more die in wars… add to this smiling faces in the executive suites of the big corporations, who make record profits every year – it sucks! »»»»