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Christian Castillo, a leading member of the PTS and Vice-presidential candidate for the Workers Left Front, stated that “in the context of a conservative election, where the working population has chosen to back the government as a lesser evil to the bosses’ opposition candidates, we received massive support from workers and young people in these primary elections. The projection made by the official electoral authorities shows that we will surpass 500,000 votes. We have achieved a big increase, compared to the total of 200,000 votes received by the component parts of the Front in the 2007 Presidential elections, and the 400,000 received in 2009. We know that a large number of our supporters agreed with our condemnation of the new electoral law approved by the Kirchnerites and Radicals which bans small parties from taking part in elections if they do not obtain at least 1.5% of the vote in the primaries. We will continue fighting for the repeal of this law, which has already led to the Proyecto Sur being unable to stand in the October elections. »»»»

Impressions from the electoral campaign of the „Frente de Izquierda y de los Trabajadores“ („Left and Workers’ Front“, FIT) and the participation of the PTS

On June 12th, Alejandro López, worker in Zanón and leader of the Ceramic Workers’ Union in Neuquén („Sindicato de Obreros y Empleados Ceramistas en Neuquén“, SOECN), won a seat in the provincial parliament of Neuquén in the first provincial elections in which the FIT presented itself as an electoral front. This victory is an important step in the FIT’s electoral campaign and can serve as a first example of a revolutionary electoral campaign as well as of what to do with a seat in the parliament from a Marxist point of view. In this sense, I would like to write down some impressions of the work of the FIT so far, and especially of the PTS within this front. »»»»

Election of a Workers’ Left Front candidate in Neuquén welcomed by workers and left activists all over the country

Christian Castillo, national leader of the Partido de los Trabajadores Socialistas (“Socialist Workers’ Party, PTS), who shares the presidential ticket of the Workers’ Left Front with Jorge Altamira (PO, “Workers’ Party”), greeted the political achievement in Neuquén where the Front won a provincial representative. »»»»

Buenos Aires ++ Violent clashes between strike activists and the trade union bureaucracy ++ 23-year-old activist murdered by thugs hired by the trade union bureaucracy ++

The conflict over the reincorporation of fired and subcontracted workers on the Roca train line in southern Buenos Aires, which has been going on for more than eight months, gained a shocking new quality yesterday. During a protest in the neighborhoods of Avellaneda and Barracas, in which precarious train workers participated alongside militants of different left-wing groups, violent clashes erupted between the protesters and a group of thugs hired by the Unión Ferroviaria (Railroad Union, UF) to prevent the protests. While only rocks were used at the beginning, later at least two of the provocateurs hired by the UF bureaucracy under José Pedraza pulled out guns and shot at the protesters. The 23-year-old student Mariano Ferreyra, militant of the Partido Obrero (PO, “Workers’ Party”), was shot dead and three more protesters were gravely injured; a 56-year-old militant (also PO) is still in mortal danger. »»»»

The radical left in Argentina is organizing a demonstration in Buenos Aires for international women’s day. An interview with Andrea D’Atri, spokeswoman for the Argentinean women’s organization “Pan y Rosas (Bread and Roses), connected with the “Partido de Trabajadores Socialistas” (Socialist Workers’ Party). »»»»

Interview with Raul Godoy, worker and union activist at the Zanon Factory.

Raul Godoy (born 1965) works on the varnishing line in the ceramics factory Zanon in the Patagonian city of Neuquén in Argentina. He is also vice president of the Union of Ceramics Workers of Neuquén (SOECN). He played a leading role in the workers’ struggle at Zanon in 2001-02 which ended in the occupation of the factory by the workers. Since 2002, the Zanon workers have been producing under workers’ control and have renamed their business FaSinPat (“Fábrica Sin Patrones” – factory without bosses). »»»»

The expropriation of Zanon is a historic victory.

It was just before midnight on August 12th as the result of the vote was announced: the parliament of the Argentinean province Neuquén voted 26 to 9 for a law to expropriate the ceramics factory Zanon. The buildings, machines and even the brand name “Zanon” no longer belong to the capitalist Luigi Zanon – they belong to the workers’ cooperative FaSinPat (“Fabrica Sin Patrones”, which means Factory Without Bosses). »»»»