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After the Honduran elections on November 29, the bourgeois press was triumphant. The newspaper El Heraldo proclaimed: “Honduras defeats abstentionism with a massive turnout”. The same evening, the Supreme Electoral Court declared that participation had been around 65%, far higher even than the participation in the presidential elections of 2005, which had been just 46%. »»»»

Current reports and photographs from Honduras.

For months a military regime has existed in Honduras which made a coup d’état to drive the democratically elected president Zelaya out of office. Since the end of September he has been back in the country and the coup-makers are having more and more trouble staying in control. Wladek Flakin reports from Honduras about the current situation. We will publish new reports and photographs here. »»»»

Will there be a negotiated solution after the coup?

Three weeks ago there was a coup in Honduras – on July 28, President Manuel Zelaya, still in his pajamas, was kidnapped by the army and put on a plane to Costa Rica.

It was the first coup in Latin America since the ousting of the President of Haiti in 2004. Western newspapers spent weeks reporting about the protests against the electoral fraud in Iran on their front pages. Although a democratic mass movement has also been repressed in Honduras; in the eyes of the western media it is of marginal significance. »»»»