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With the appearance of the anticapitalist movement at the end of the 1990s, the League for the Fifth International (LFI) began to build up REVOLUTION as an independent youth organization. Basing themselves on Lenin, they argued for the “complete independence of the youth organizations.” But implementing these communist positions proved much harder than propagating them. Summarizing a Resolution of the 6th Congress of the LFI, Luke Cooper wrote… »»»»

In the trench warfare between REVOLUTION and the LFI, the central question was whether the LFI should work as a faction within Revo. With numerous historical examples, independents in Revo tried to show that this “entryism in one’s own youth organization” had been consistently rejected by the Trotskyist movement up till now. The leadership of REVO/DE wrote… »»»»

Another important question in the conflict between Revo and the LFI was whether independents, i.e. non-LFI-members, could or should make up a majority in the leading bodies of Revo. In the 1930s, Leon Trotsky advised the American Socialist Workers Party to place great emphasis on having only a minority of party members in the leadership of the youth organization. Sam C wrote… »»»»