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Newsletter (in English)

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We are publishing a solidarity call we received from Greece. The case of Aris Seirinidis shows that the capitalist courts are a weapon against the workers’ movement and revolutionary organizations, particularly in times of social upheaval. Only mass action can stop this kind of class justice. Therefore we call on all workers’ and left-wing organizations to support the call.

For the last 10 months, the revolutionary activist Aris Seirinidis has been imprisoned in Athens. The charges against him have been ridiculous from the beginning. And now the trial, which has finally started, is turning into a legal farce. »»»»

Second general strike of the year on March 2

Trade unions in Northern Cyprus declared 2011 as the “year of social existence.” The world economic crisis has forced the government in Ankara to carry out neoliberal attacks against the rights of the working class in Northern Cyprus. The first general strike of this year was on January 28. The general strike took on an anti-colonial character: At the strike rally, banners against the Turkish occupation forces were held up. Then the verbal attacks against the people of Northern Cyprus began, both by the Turkish government and by Turkish fascists in Cyprus. On March 2, a second general strike will take place, and we want to analyze this movement from a Marxist point of view in order to develop perspectives. »»»»

We denounce the systematic repression by the police against the workers of the Banquet restaurant in Thessaloniki and the militants of the Solidarity Committee. »»»»

A revolutionary answer to militarism in the framework of the Euro crisis

The Greek government – and the European Union and the International Monetary Fund behind it – justifies its massive program of cuts against the working population of Greece with the need to make “painful sacrifices” in order to save the country. »»»»


Solidarity with the Greek workers!

On May 5, over three million workers in Greece paralyzed the country with a general strike, shutting down virtually all schools, offices, shops and airports. In Athens alone, more than 200,000 people demonstrated against the austerity measures of the Social Democratic government. On that day, the Greek parliament voted for 30 billion euros in cuts: raising the sales tax to 23%, cutting pensions, raising the retirement age, and eliminating two months’ wages for public sector workers. These cuts are the condition for Greece receiving a bailout worth about 110 billion euros. »»»»

Interview with a Greek Trotskyist on the situation in Greece

La Verdad Obrera interviewed Stavros, a militant of the Greek Trotskyist organization OKDE (Organization of Internationalist Communists of Greece), that is participating in the process of mobilizations against the austerity plan. He edits the monthly newspaper “Workers Struggle” and his internet page is »»»»

Solidarity with the youth protests in Greece!

For the last several days, the news has been filled with reports of what is happening in Greece. Left-wing youth have started the biggest riots in 25 years and according to different sources, Athens’ left-alternative neighborhood Exarchia is completely cop-free. How did this happen?

The reports differ a lot. The Greek police claim that a ricochet bullet hit the fifteen-year old Alexandros Grigoropoulos in the chest, after “30 autonomists” had attacked a police car. Two of the three bullets fired were aimed at the ground, one of which hit the young man in the chest. This story is dubious. »»»»