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The joint RIO and FT-CI Summer Academy (August 9-14) is a high-quality summer school for revolutionaries of all ages. »»»»

An international summer camp near Prague

The beginning of the Summer Academy of RIO from August 9-11 was affected by the extreme weather of this summer: Because of flooding in Zittau, the participants from Northern Germany had to take a long detour, and the water level of the reservoir next to the campground was higher than at any time in decades. Nevertheless, the camp with participants from Prague, Brno, Liberec, Jablonce, Jihlava, Berlin, Kiel, Munich, Rostock, Augsburg and Zittau a great success. »»»»


Marxist Summer Academy, August 9-14, in Prague

The RIO Summer Academy (August 9-14) is a camp for revolutionaries of all ages. While it doesn’t take place at the Copacabana, summer feeling will come up for sure at a lake near Prague. »»»»


Revolutionary perspectives in times of crisis

As in previous years, for the youth organization REVOLUTION the first week of August was filled up by REVOCAMP, an internationalist summer camp for young revolutionaries in Liberec (Czech Republic). This year’s camp was organized jointly by the independent youth organization REVOLUTION and the Revolutionary Socialist Organization (RSO). About 50 participants from the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain and the USA made this camp slightly bigger than last year’s; also, more comrades from groups such as Socialist Workers’ Voice (SAS), Permanent Revolution, and the Left Party youth organization “Linksjugend [‘solid]” were present and a lively political exchange was possible. »»»»


REVOCAMP • international summer camp for revolutionary young people • August 2-8, 2009 in Liberec (CZ)

“YES WE CAN.” Barack Obama used this slogan to become President of the United States. He used it to promise serious change in the U.S. and around the world: an end to the Iraq War, action against climate change and help for people losing their homes or jobs in the economic crisis.

But now, months after the inauguration of the new President, there is little change in sight. Hundreds of billions of dollars are being pumped into large banks, but at the same time the unemployment figures reach record highs. The date for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq is being pushed back, but at the same time more soldiers are sent to Afghanistan. »»»»


The internationalist summer camp of the youth organization REVOLUTION was bigger than last year

Just like last year – and the year before that – in the summer of 2008, young revolutionaries from different countries made their the way to the Czech Republic, more precisely to Liberec. That was where REVOCAMP, took place. It was organized by the independent youth organisation REVOLUTION and lasted one week. Nearly 50 young people from the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany and Austria were there and participated in many different workshops. »»»»


International summer camp for revolutionary youth • July 28 – August 1 • Liberec / Czech Republic

In many places we fight against things that we can’t stand: at school against the pressure to succeed and the arbitrary rule of teachers, at work against bad conditions and low wages, on the streets against nazis. We campaign against militarism and against the destruction of the environment. We fight in small groups or we join up for big protests like last year in Heiligendamm against the G8. »»»»


Young people from five countries attended REVOLUTION’s summer camp

REVOCAMP 2007 took place from July 23 to 28, with young activists from five different countries. Of the more than 40 young people, many were members of the independent youth organization REVOLUTION, others had found us in different ways and marveled at the full program. »»»»


international camp for revolutionary youth – 23-27 July 2007 in Liberec / Czech Republic

Tons of people will take part in the protests against the G8. But what comes next? Poverty, unemployment, climate change, cuts in education – all the products of capitalism – will still exist. For this reason we must organize beyond the G8 summit to fight this entire system. »»»»