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Presenting… the anti-G8 super paper!

“We hate G8” – not a mere phrase, it’s our programm! This paper is the perfect reading material for all summit-stormers and society-changers. In cooperation with the revolutionary group “Permanent Revolution” from Britain we have worked out the background, the consequences and the perspectives of the struggle against the summit of the mass murderers on 12 fully-colored pages.

With articles on topics like women’s oppression, the climate catastrophy or school strikes, this paper includes everything a revolutionary heart desires. The anti-G8 super paper is the perfect stuff to read on long train rides or in the free time betwwen actions at the G8 summit. All the articles are written in German as well as in English, so you can even use them to improve your German skills!

Fight the G8 summit and capitalism! Read the REVOLUTION super paper!

The contents:

Take the streets against the G8!

I hate G8!

Climate change

Poverty in Africa

Smash Fascism!

Fortress Europe

Women’s rights

No bases!

Revolution – the only solution

Education is everybody’s right!

If you’re reading these lines, the protests against the G8 summit in Heiligendamm can’t be too far away. In the past few years, the G8 summits in Genoa, Evian, Gleneagles and other cities have brought hundreds of thousands out onto the streets. While some demand better policies from the G8, we as communists want to show why the G8 must be shut down and capitalism smashed.

So mobilize at schools and universities, in trade unions and factories. There will be busses coming from all across Europe – so get in touch with a left group in your area if you need help to get to north-eastern Germany. Join REVOLUTION and tens of thousands more at the protests against the G8. You can (probably) meet us in the camp in Rostock. Or simply under the red flags.

We’ll meet at the mass protests!


Capitalism is destroying the environment. It is a system based on accumulation and competition, both of which mean it is in conflict with the environment. Natural resources and human beings are ruthlessly exploited in order to make profit. The spiralling use of fossil fuels is producing “greenhouse gases” that result in more heat being retained in the atmosphere. As air and sea temperatures rise dramatic changes are starting to occur. A global rise of 1.5C, predicted by about 2030, would mean an extra 400 million people being exposed to water shortage and the loss of 18% of the species on the planet. Further warming is predicted, and will lead to social devastation, as coastal communities and then whole continents succumb to the effects of global warming and extreme weather including drought in some areas and flooding in others. »»»»


Over the last thirty years there has been no growth in income for the average African. There are between 350 and 500 million malaria cases diagnosed each year, resulting in more than 1 million deaths annually. Malaria remains the number one killer of children under the age of five in Africa. Life expectancy is forty-six years. Twenty-three of forty-seven sub-Saharan states have currently a GDP of less than $3 billion (ExxonMobil’s net profit in the first quarter of 2006 was $8 billion). »»»»


On June 2 there will be an international demonstration against the G8 in Rostock. At the same time, 70 kilometers to the west in Schwerin, fascists will have their own anti-G8 demonstration, to denounce globalization with slogans like “social instead of global”. This shows that fascism is not just a phenomenon of the past – at the moment, the Nazis in Germany are getting stronger again. »»»»


Gran Canaria, Spain: The bodies of three unidentified Africans wash ashore on 28 April. They were among 82 crammed on to a boat desparetly trying to gain entry to Spain. Conservative estimates suggest that at least 500 have died making the perilous journey since 2005 in the hope of finding a job and sending funds to family in their home country. »»»»


Women account for 70 % of the 1.2 billion people living below the poverty line in the world today. Women suffer oppression because of their gender in every country in the world. But for the poor, daily institutional sexism amounts to horrific drudgery and living conditions. Poor women and girls have little access to education – when education has to be paid for boys come first: there are twice as many women as men among the world’s 900 million people who cannot read or write. Women are paid less and work longer: women work 67% of the world’s working hours, and produce 50% of the world’s food, yet they earn only 10% of the world’s income and own less than 1% of the world’s property. »»»»


In July 2006, several weeks after the Czech parliamentary elections, it was publicly announced that a plan exists to build US military bases in the Czech Republic and Poland. The plan involves building a radar station in the west of the Czech Republic and a base for interceptor missiles in north east Poland. Both bases are designed to be part of an American shield system against intercontinental ballistic missiles. »»»»

The last revolution in Germany took place in 1919. In Switzerland there has never been a revolution. The social democratic parties of Europe have continuously moved away from a revolutionary perspective since the First World War. If you call for an armed revolution by the working class, in respectable circles you get nothing but a tired smile as some old social democrats pat you on the shoulder and explain they said the same thing back in 1968. But is the concept of a revolution ready for the long-term parking lot of history? »»»»

On 24 April, 5.000 school students in Berlin didn’t go to class – they went out onto the street to protest against the catastrophic state of the education system.

Schools in the German capital have overfilled classrooms, a lack of teachers and facilities that are falling apart. After school is over, students face an even worse situation: not even half of the people who want an apprenticeship can get one, and the looming introduction of university fees is blocking the road to the university for many young people. »»»»


At the beginning of June, the heads of state and government of the eight most powerful countries will meet up for a summit in Heiligendamm in Northeastern Germany. Even though these are supposedly the eight most powerful people in the world, they have to meet in a remote luxury hotel to be shielded from protests. Almost 100 million euros will be squandered in order to keep demonstrators away from the summit. The “Group of 8”, G8 for short, is hated, because their summits are a symbol for misery in the world. »»»»