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(the past tense of ¡No pasarán!) – a report from the blockades against the Nazi demonstration on February 13 in Dresden

They didn’t pass! The planned Nazi demonstration on February 13 in Dresden was blocked by more than 10,000 people. At 5 o’clock that morning, 25 fully-loaded buses set off from Berlin to go to the blockades – all in all, more than 100 buses from across Germany and neighboring countries arrived in Dresden. »»»»

We of the independent youth organization REVOLUTION express our solidarity with the student in Huddersfield (UK) who was attacked by fascists on May 30. This young woman was thrown to the ground, kicked in the ribs and slashed at with a knife. She was called a “Dirty Red”, a “Filthy Lesbo” and a “Britain-hater”. »»»»

On November 10, an organization with the name Mladí Národní Demokraté (Young National Democrats) organized a demonstration against the presence of Czech troops in Iraq, right through the Jewish Quarter of Prague. The Prague magistrate had banned the demonstration because its official motto was a false front and its purpose was to “incite racial hatred”. »»»»


On June 2 there will be an international demonstration against the G8 in Rostock. At the same time, 70 kilometers to the west in Schwerin, fascists will have their own anti-G8 demonstration, to denounce globalization with slogans like “social instead of global”. This shows that fascism is not just a phenomenon of the past – at the moment, the Nazis in Germany are getting stronger again. »»»»