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The youth organization REVOLUTION in the Czech Republic recently invaded a closed military area in the Brdy mountains. Why? Because an American radar base is planned there.

For more than two years, Revo has been part of a large coalition called “Ne Základnám” (No Bases) which fights against the plans of the Czech and US governments to build a radar base in the woods near Prague. »»»»

On November 10, an organization with the name Mladí Národní Demokraté (Young National Democrats) organized a demonstration against the presence of Czech troops in Iraq, right through the Jewish Quarter of Prague. The Prague magistrate had banned the demonstration because its official motto was a false front and its purpose was to “incite racial hatred”. »»»»


In July 2006, several weeks after the Czech parliamentary elections, it was publicly announced that a plan exists to build US military bases in the Czech Republic and Poland. The plan involves building a radar station in the west of the Czech Republic and a base for interceptor missiles in north east Poland. Both bases are designed to be part of an American shield system against intercontinental ballistic missiles. »»»»


Startbox-KSMProtest against the state persecution of a Czech left-wing youth organization

On October 16, 2006 The Czech Interior Ministry decided to dissolve the left-wing Communist Youth Union (Komunistický svaz mládeže, KSM), which is connected to the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSČM, reformist parliamentary party with 12-20% electoral support). The so-called “reason” for the dissolution of this youth organization was one passage in their program which calls for “changing the private ownership of the means of production into social ownership of these means in the period after the social revolution”. This formulation was declared unconstitutional by the Interior Ministry. »»»»