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RIO, the Revolutionary Internationalist Organization, was present at May Day demonstrations in Berlin, Prague, Zurch and St. Gallen this year. The following are reports from these actions. »»»»

The capitalist system is responsible for the crisis, and the capitalists at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos can’t repare it.

For years, the World Economic Forum has taken place in late January in Davos, always accompanied by protests and counter-events, because the self-appointed world leaders assembled in the Grison mountains don’t necessarily meet with approval. But this year, everything is different. At least, that is what the organizers of this unequaled parade of the world elite want us to believe. They tell us that in the last few years, most of the participants were only there to the celebrate at the parties held during the forum, which are well-known in higher circles of society. That means they have bled us for years and spent billions so that a few managers and politicians could celebrate in a hermetically sealed-off Davos! »»»»

On October 29 there were protests in front of the bank UBS

Despite the financial crisis, despite the massive drain of deposits and the losses from speculative trading, UBS announced that it would pay millions in bonuses to its cadre. To protest against this, the youth party of the Social Democratic Party of Switzerland, the JUSO, called for rallies across the country on October 29 in front of the branches of the largest bank in Switzerland. »»»»


Startbox-WEFWorld Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland

January is traditionally considered the month when, after Christmas, the money has been spent and the mist of splendor and love has evaporated. Nonetheless, every January the richest and most powerful people on the planet meet up in the Swiss ski resort Davos to discuss how the profits of corporations can be secured in the year ahead. For this reason, every year in January Davos becomes a fortress hermetically sealed by the police and the Swiss army, so these valuable people can meet up without interference by the bothersome public. »»»»