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Between June 6-8, the heads of state of the world’s eight most power states met behind barbed wire and high fences for the latest G8 summit in Heiligendamm near Rostock, Germany. The security costs of the summit topped 130 million euros (£88 million) but all the gigantic fortifications – a 12-kilometer fence, 16,000 police and 1,000 soldiers – could not protect the G8 from mass protests. Tens of thousands of activists participated in demonstrations and blockades against the G8 summit. »»»»

Startbox-129aThe protests against the G8 summit in Heiligedamm in north-eastern Germany are less than three weeks away. On May 9th, 900 police searched 40 left-wing projects across Germany, including the bookshop “Schwarze Risse”, the house project “Bethanien / New Yorck 59”, the photo archive “Umbruch Bildarchiv”, the left-wing store “Fusion”, the internet server (all in Berlin), the cultural center “Rote Flora” (in Hamburg) and a number of offices and private apartments. »»»»


Presenting… the anti-G8 super paper!

“We hate G8” – not a mere phrase, it’s our programm! This paper is the perfect reading material for all summit-stormers and society-changers. In cooperation with the revolutionary group “Permanent Revolution” from Britain we have worked out the background, the consequences and the perspectives of the struggle against the summit of the mass murderers on 12 fully-colored pages.

With articles on topics like women’s oppression, the climate catastrophy or school strikes, this paper includes everything a revolutionary heart desires. The anti-G8 super paper is the perfect stuff to read on long train rides or in the free time betwwen actions at the G8 summit. All the articles are written in German as well as in English, so you can even use them to improve your German skills!

Fight the G8 summit and capitalism! Read the REVOLUTION super paper!

The contents:

Take the streets against the G8!

I hate G8!

Climate change

Poverty in Africa

Smash Fascism!

Fortress Europe

Women’s rights

No bases!

Revolution – the only solution

Education is everybody’s right!

If you’re reading these lines, the protests against the G8 summit in Heiligendamm can’t be too far away. In the past few years, the G8 summits in Genoa, Evian, Gleneagles and other cities have brought hundreds of thousands out onto the streets. While some demand better policies from the G8, we as communists want to show why the G8 must be shut down and capitalism smashed.

So mobilize at schools and universities, in trade unions and factories. There will be busses coming from all across Europe – so get in touch with a left group in your area if you need help to get to north-eastern Germany. Join REVOLUTION and tens of thousands more at the protests against the G8. You can (probably) meet us in the camp in Rostock. Or simply under the red flags.

We’ll meet at the mass protests!


At the beginning of June, the heads of state and government of the eight most powerful countries will meet up for a summit in Heiligendamm in Northeastern Germany. Even though these are supposedly the eight most powerful people in the world, they have to meet in a remote luxury hotel to be shielded from protests. Almost 100 million euros will be squandered in order to keep demonstrators away from the summit. The “Group of 8”, G8 for short, is hated, because their summits are a symbol for misery in the world. »»»»