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Less than one day after Barack Obama was declared the winner of the US presidential elections, a new episode of South Park appeared which captured the mood perfectly. Randy Marsh stays out all night drinking in the streets to celebrate Obama’s victory and the upcoming “change”. In the course of the night he punches his boss in the face, because “everything’s changed”. But the next morning, he wakes up with his pants missing, his TV stolen, and the news that he’s lost his job. “But Obama said things would be different! That son of a bitch lied to us!” »»»»

Interview with an activist at an American university about the situation before the elections

Scott is an activist at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill (USA). He spoke with REVOLUTION about the political situation at the universities a few weeks before the elections. We don’t necessarily agree with all his points (for example, the support for Cynthia McKinney), but we think this interview is an important contribution to the debate. »»»»

The flow of people from the Brandenburg Gate to the Victory Column in the heart of Berlin seemed truly endless. On 24 July, up to 200,000 people came to Berlin’s central park, the Tiergarten, to hear a speech by U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama. As with the “fan mile” for the European Cup, which had been in the same place on month earlier, there were jumbotrons alongside the countless beer and sausage stands. »»»»


Will the Democrats in the USA deliver on promises of change?

After seven years of George Bush, virtually the entire US population has deemed the Bush regime a catastrophic failure. Leading up to the presidential elections in November 2008, Democrats and Republicans have been distancing themselves from the unpopular president. The Democratic Party has best harnessed the frustration of the American people, lining up an almost sure electoral victory for either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. »»»»