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Revolution Australia desectionalised

At the Revolution International Delegates Conferece, Prague 2006 (the highest decision making body of Revolution internationally), Revolution Australia was deemed to not be a section of Revolution anymore. This resolution was passed by the LFI youth faction, making up a 72% majority of the votes in conference. This resolution appeared to have been presented in backlash to the recent split in the League for the Fifth International, which resulted in (among other things), the entire Australian section of the LFI being expelled. The LFI had no further control over Revolution Australia, and therefore decided to desectionalise it, on the rather odd grounds that it 'didn't exist'. Revolution Germany, and Revolution Czech in particular now face a similar fate. They have no connection with the LFI split group, Permanent Revolution, and are not under the direct control of the LFI as are all other sections of Revolution globally. Some would call them the only truly independent facet of Revolution internationally - yet they have faced continuous bullying and threats from the LFI Youth controlled Revolution International Council. As a result, these groups have formed an internal tendency in Revolution, called iRevo.

Revolution Australia pledges its support to iRevo, and thanks them for their support and their efforts to turn Revolution into the independent youth organisation it always claimed to be, and the organisation we all built together. Revolution Australia looks forward to working with the iRevo tendency in the future, and is likely to continue its activism under the iRevo banner.

PM Thaksin ousted in Thailand

The bloodless coup that will alter Thailands course

Considering a holiday to the most recently established military dictatorship in the world? Donít forget your sunscreen. The reaction to the military coup that ousted ex Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra from his position in the Thailand government, and placed the nation into the hands of a military dictatorship could not have been any less as citizens and tourists alike emerged from their houses, hotels and bars on September 19 to find the army - featuring tanks wearing large yellow bows - had taken power.

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Carnival against Capitalism!

The G20 is coming to Melbourne - from the Stop G20 site:

"The 2006 G20 meeting of finance ministers, reserve bank governors and heads of the World Bank and IMF will take place in Melbourne on November 17-19. This will be the most significant gathering in Melbourne of people responsible for pushing corporate-led globalisation, neoliberalism and capitalism since the World Economic Forum in 2000.

Global corporate capitalism is a ruthless system — a system with scant regard for the interests of humans. It has co-opted and corrupted our political leadership, and the leadership of many other nations. Our action should be seen as a vote of no confidence in this leadership, an act of defiance and resistance, and a demand that our democracy return to valuing the interests of humans and the environment above all else. "

Get involved and help shut down the G20 in Melbourne this November! Get in touch with Revo, or visit the Stop the G20 site to find out more about what's happening and how you can get involved.

Free the Barwon 13 !

While Lebanon & Palestine remain under attack, occupation & threat from the state of Israel, the Australian goverment continues to whip up a media frenzy about terrorism, and all those naughty muslims. The end result is the persecution of Australian muslims, a huge racist public backlash, and the ever increasing attacks on our civil rights. Jack Thomas has been released - the prosections case being thrown out, and Jack declared innocent; but the Australian government continue to chase him. They place restrictions on what he can and can't do - despite being found innocent of his charges, and have presented ludicrous lists of people he is 'not to contact'... including many incarcerated, presumed dead, and confirmed dead.

But for the Barwon 13 - Thirteen men who were rounded up from the Muslim community, the situation is far worse. They face gunatanamo bay style lock up conditions at Barwon prison, without any sign of release or even trial. The Civil Rights Defence committee have been involved in the ongoing defence of Jack Thomas, David Hicks and the Barwon 13 -

" Civil Rights Defence is a group concerned about the Australian government's efforts to destroy some of our most basic civil and human rights, under the pretext of the ‘war on terror'. Over the past year, CRD has campaigned to challenge the extreme anti-terrorism laws, and to raise awareness of the threat they pose. "

Check out their website, and get involved! Civil rights are our most basic and precious rights, and if not protected will be eroded beyond repair. Already, these attacks on our rights wrapped up in racism and 'war on terror' rhetoric are victimising large sections of our community, and they really must be stopped.